Custom Aluminum Engine Splash Shields For Lexus SC300 & SC400

Q: Why should I buy an aluminum splash shield instead of OEM?

 A: Let's face it, your plastic splash shield is either missing or damaged/ripped and barely hanging on. In our case, the original splash shield on our 1998 SC300 was dragging on the ground when we replaced it with our aluminum version. OEM splash shields from the Lexus dealership are more than $250 plus taxes. We are offering an aluminum version that will never tear apart or fall off like the plastic version for about half the cost of OEM.

 Q: I see that you are selling a regular thickness version and heavy duty version, which one do I need?

 A: The S032AL-1 and S032AL-2 are both 1/32" thick. While the thickness seems thin, it's still stronger than the OEM plastic splash shield. When mounted on your SC, it feels rigid and will do the job of keeping your engine safe from debris. The advantage of the regular thickness versions is that they are only 0.6lbs heavier than the OEM plastic splash shield and they are easier to install due to how well they contour to the underbody of the SC.

The S063AL-1 and S063AL-2 are both 1/16" thick. These are twice as thick and are quite solid when installed on your SC. These versions are best for those who have snowy roads and need the best protection possible from road debris.

 Q: How heavy are your splash shields?

 A: Please take a look at our Specifications page for this information

 Q: What are the advantages to having a splash shield on my SC?

 A: Splash shields were designed on cars to protect the engine from water/snow, dirt, mud and other debris that can fling up into the engine while driving. Splash shields also help improve aerodynamics and lower road noise.