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The Lexus Story Book


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When Lexus launched many years ago, the idea of a Japanese luxury brand that would compete fender for fender with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Cadillac seemed preposterous. But Lexus first sedan shocked the world. The result of hundreds of prototypes, the work of more than 1,000 engineers, and some $1 billion, the Lexus  LS400 pioneered new ground.

Within just a few years, Lexus had transformed itself from an unlikely outsider into one of the industry's leaders as it redefined the idea of the luxury vehicle while also building a dealer network that gave unprecedented attention to service. The Lexus Story describes the brand's rapid ascent-and its travails along the way. The Lexus Story is the first journalistic telling of the history of this extraordinary company. And it is the only account afforded full access to the designers, engineers, dealers, and company leaders who molded the cars and the brand.

The Lexus Story takes readers deep inside the making of first-class automobiles, from the creative sparks kindled in Lexus' far-flung  design studios to the engineering refinements that translate ideals of performance and luxury into steel, glass, and rubber. Designed to be both readable and visually welcoming and with more than 200 full-color photographs, The Lexus Story is a compelling history of a world-class brand.

  • Perfect book for display on your coffee table - makes a great gift for a Lexus fan
  • Premium Italian leather binding - cover of book features an actual Lexus emblem in a black pearl finish
  • 232 total pages in total with over 200 full color photographs and illustrations
  • Printed in 2004 by Author Jonathan Mahler
  • Great story about the birth of the Lexus SC400/SC300
  • Ships FREE via USPS media mail in its own protective box