Corn Carbon

Corn Carbon - Carbon Fiber Radiator Fan Shroud Cover

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Dress up your engine bay with this radiator shroud cover made of 100% carbon fiber. This cover is backed by 3M® tape and installation takes seconds by simply peeling and sticking it on top of your upper shroud. This cover is meant for the Supra but if you swapped your radiator/shroud set up from a TT Supra this will work for you!

  • Fits SC300/SC400/Soarer with MK4 Supra (twin turbo) radiator shroud
  • Fits MK4 Toyota Supra (twin turbo models only)
  • Made of 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Backed by 3M® tape
  • Easy to Install 
  • Handmade in Taiwan

Note: This will only fit if you have a MK4 Supra (twin turbo) radiator shroud. If you have the non-turbo Supra shroud on your SC/Soarer/Supra, it will still fit but there will be some plastic exposed since the NA Supra shroud sticks out a little more than the TT version.

Note: This will not fit any SC300/SC400 or Soarer radiator shrouds.