Corn Carbon

Corn Carbon OEM-Style Black Replica Manual Shifter Bezel for SC300/SC400

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These OEM-style replica manual shifter bezels are what you need if you are doing a manual conversion on your SC300 or SC400. These bezels are made out of fiberglass epoxy and finished in a matte black color to match your ash tray cover. These come equipped with a high quality genuine shift boot and removeable chrome trim ring. The OEM shifter bezels have been discontinued by Lexus years ago are are getting harder to find in good condition, here is your chance to get a high quality replica for less than the price of a used OEM bezel. 

  • Fits 1992-2000 SC300 & SC400*
  • Made of fiberglass epoxy
  • Finished in a Matte Black Color
  • Genuine shift boot with removable chrome ring
  • No Modifications Needed for Installation - Clips right onto the Center Console
  • Easy to Install
  • Replaces 58805-24070 and 58805-24060 (Discontinued from Lexus)
  • Handmade in Taiwan
*If equipped with factory heated seat/ECT/traction control switches they will need to be relocated or removed

Note: Will not fit RHD models!
Note: The chrome trim ring will need to be removed if using deep threaded shift knobs such as the OEM shift knob. The ring can be simply removed by cutting the zip tie underneath the boot
Note: Optional urethane badge will not come pre-installed on the bezel.