Strongflex Complete Polyurethane Bushing Kit for SC300/SC400/Soarer (Road)

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Completely change the way your car rides with this complete polyurethane kit. Chances are your original rubber bushings are worn out and need to be replaced. This Strongflex polyurethane bushing kit will restore the ride quality and performance of your vehicle.

Strongflex products are made of polyurethane - better than traditional rubber parts. Polyurethane has the added benefits of increased safety, better durability and sustainability of the steering and suspension systems. Polyurethane has a high resistance to tearing, cracking, resistance to oils, acids, solvents and all weather conditions.

Currently, we offer two varieties of the material - depending on your driving preferences:

ROAD version - with a hardness about 80ShA (red color). Similar to that used by the original vehicle manufacturer. Recommended for daily driving and occasional track use.

SPORT version - with a hardness of 90 ShA (yellow color). Recommended for the track and racing.



  • Fits 1991-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400 & Z30 Toyota Soarer   
  • Made of durable polyurethane
  • Restores the firmness and ride quality of your vehicle
  • Available in 2 hardness's 80 ShA (red) and 90 ShA (yellow) 
  • Made in Poland

Included in this kit:


  • x2 steering rack mount bushings 
  • x1 steering rack clamp bushing 

Front suspension

  • x4 Front lower control arm bushings 
  • x4 Front upper control arm bushings
  • x2 Front sway bar bushing

Rear Suspension

  • x4 rear upper control arm bushings 
  • x4 rear lower control arm bushings 
  • x4 rear strut bar bushings
  • x2 rear trailing arm bushings
  • x2 rear sway bar bushings

Rear Subframe

  • x2 rear subframe mount bushings (rear)
  • x2 rear subframe mount bushings (front) 

Rear Differential

  • x2 rear differential mount bushings (rear)
  • x2 rear differential mount bushings (front)
  • Grease


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