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Z30 Concepts Urethane "Griffin" Winged Lion Badge / Emblem for Toyota Soarer

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 This is a clear urethane flexible domed replica of the OEM "griffin" winged lion emblem as featured on all Z30 Toyota Soarers. This urethane emblem is resilient to rocks, waterproof, UV resistant, and backed by a strong permanent adhesive. Featuring the mythical  winged lion on a reflective surface, this emblem will look great on your Toyota Soarer or Lexus SC. The way how this emblem is domed will give the griffin a 3D look no matter the viewing angle. 

  • Made out of clear flexible urethane that will form to any curved surface - designed to stick to the front bumper
  • Domed design gives the emblem a 3D look and reflective surface makes it stand out
  • UV resistant, heat/cold resistant, waterproof and rock proof - made to withstand the outdoors and elements for many years
  • Backed by a high strength, permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive - will even stick to lightly textured surfaces
  • 1:1 scale replica of the OEM winged lion emblem - measures approximately 68.2mm x 78.2mm and 1.6mm thick
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

Note: If installed in the correct angled OEM placement, a hole in the front bumper will be exposed unless installed in an alternative angled placement. (See last 2 images for reference)