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Short Shifter for SC300/SC400/Soarer with (Tripod) W58/R154

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CUBE Speed is an Australian company known worldwide for producing high quality short shifters and related components for many types of popular manual transmissions. You will be amazed by the difference it makes. Shift Yeah!

CUBE Speed's legendary short shifter gives super accurate shifts, a solid mechanical feel and reduces shifter throw by 30%!


  • Short and precise shifter throw
  • Amazing 2nd to 3rd shifts!
  • Very defined shifter gate, limits the chance of missing gears
  • Can be customised for firm or heavy shifter centering
  • Stock shifter height and gear knob thread pattern (12 x 1.25mm) is retained
  • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 accredited manufacturer 
  • Insulated shifter lever, reduces transmission noise
  • Shifter centering springs are now under constant preload
  • Tolerances down to 0.05mm for the best fit and shifts possible
  • Fully CNC machined, for accuracy and strength.
  • Heavy duty bushings
  • Includes detailed fitting instructions with photos
  • For best results we recommend using Cube Speed's Tripod/Remote frame solid mount kit which securely mounts the tripod shifter frame to your transmission (Sold separately)
  • Made in Australia


    This listing is for the "Tripod" W58/R154 transmission. Best way to check if you have a tripod transmission is to see if you have a straight shifter lever. If you do not have a straight shift lever we also have a short shifter for the non-tripod (direct mount) transmissions. Please see the 3rd picture to see the physical difference between tripod mount and direct mount transmissions. 

    • 1995-1997 Lexus SC300 (with factory W58 transmission) 
    • 1995-1997 Toyota Soarer (with factory R154 transmission)
    • R154 out of a JZX100
    • Will also fit any W58 and R154 remote/tripod mount transmissions 

    Installation Tip: We recommend buying a new gasket if you plan on replacing the white cup bushing that goes inside the extension housing. The Toyota part # is 33105-22010. This part number is for the W58 transmission and may also be the same for the R154.